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Our Motto: Bringing production closer to consumption

HELM Ibérica S.A. is the unique company in Spain which distributes UAN in a continuous way thanks to the share participation in Trinidad and Tobago we have been holding as producers for many years. We are present in the two main Spanish ports to distribute this product, Huelva and Barcelona, with a storage capacity of 15.000 MT in each port that allows us to cover most the Iberian market needs. With a continuous increase in consumption of this liquid fertilizer, which can be used for direct application or as a raw material for the production of liquid NPK’s, HELM Ibérica is the ideal partner to satisfy the requirements of the market.

Likewise, our experience extends to other nitrogen fertilizers like urea (granular and prill), nitrates (34.40% and CAN), ammonium sulfate, and phosphate fertilizers (DAP, MAP, compound NPK’s). Due to the price volatility of these products (especially the urea), our commitment is giving advice to our customers with our global vision of the market, as HELM has offices in the main worldwide markets so we receive spot information on any market movement. Our strength also comes from a very meticulous execution of the contracts we sign with our customers, being aware of the significance of delivery times and the quality of the products.

Our target is based on building long term relationship listening to and respecting the needs of our customers.