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HELM is engaged in six Methanol production facilities in Trinidad and Tobago as well as in Oman.

In the USA HELM has a participation in a further Methanol plant which started production in 2018.

HELM has additional holdings in production facilities for Acetic Acid and Vinyl Acetate Monomer in Saudi Arabia, and for liquid fertilizer, Melamine and Ammonia in Trinidad and Tobago.

In the biotechnology sector HELM has three participations in Germany and is additionally engaged in the development of transdermal active ingredient patches in Argentina. Through a participation in Switzerland HELM is active in the demanding market for chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) treatment.

HELM holds numerous investments in production companies in order to strengthen the marketing activities:
  • Natgasoline LLC, America
  • Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd., Trinidad & Tobago
  • Oman Methanol Company LLC, Oman
  • International Acetyl Company Ltd., Saudi-Arabia
  • International Vinyl Acetate Company Ltd., Saudi-Arabia
  • Richter-Helm BioLogics, Germany
Moreover, HELM has participations in these development companies:
  • Phargentis, Switzerland
  • Amarin Technologies S. A., Argentina