About HELM Ibérica

Since HELM Ibérica was established in 1967, we have undergone a strong growth in the distribution of chemical products. But it is due to the change strategically headed during the last years that our growth has been exponential, leading us to the top position among the companies in this field.

The success of HELM Ibérica lies in what we consider our essential pillars:

A clear aim to hold and consolidate our policy of constant improvement in our business areas – Chemicals, Nutrition, Pharma and Fertilizers- in order to guarantee a major specialization in the range of products we offer.

The values adopted by the whole organization that lead us to keep an integrity compromise in all our commercial deals, which has generated confidence in our customers and suppliers for years.

Our staff, standing out for their education, training, professionalism, wide experience in the sector and, above all, a profile clearly directed to fulfill our customer’s needs with our knowledge in market development and innovation.

Our logistics service network of warehouses and storage sites spread throughout the territory, to assure “just in time” deliveries on customers’ demands.