Singlesuperphosphate (SSP) with a phosphate content of 18-22% P2O5 is a very costeffective and commonly used fertilizer. Because of its sulphur content of 10-12% it provides a good sulphur basic supply to crops.


SSP is produced by treating rock phosphate (apatite or phosphorite) with sulfuric acid. Depending on the origin the product comes with 18-22% phosphate. HELM can offer a variety of qualities with different contents of phosphate. SSP is a light-grey to grey granule with a granulometry of 90% 1-4 mm. For certain origins and destinations a granulometry of 90% 2-4 mm can be provided by HELM.

Examples of applications

SSP is one of the biggest commodity phosphate fertilizers globally. Depending on the origin the P2O5 content of the product varies from 18% to 22% and a sulphur content of 10-12%. Compared to other superphosphates such as DSP (doublesuperphosphate) or TSP (triplesuperphosphate) it offers lower P2O5, but provides high concentration of sulphur and has a double function: SSP is commonly used in soil preparation and upon seeding.


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Other packaging solutions possible by agreement.


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